Professional team

Our consultants are experts in Russian history, culture, trade, communication procedures, and general etiquette and will be glad to assist you with promotion of your professional interests...

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International services

The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce in the USA provides knowledge relating to U.S. trade, investment and commerce in the Russian and former USSR countries' marketplace. The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce encourages...

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The Russian Federation

Current report on the Russian Federation and the former USSR...

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Welcome to the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce in the USA

The Chamber endeavors to strengthen the community and intercultural ties between Russian and American businesses through cooperation, international trade and commerce, investment, tourism, and sports, as well as educational, scientific, economic, and cultural activities. "To promote and facilitate cooperation and trade..."

Are you interested in business opportunities with Russian companies?

The Chamber’s Departments of Marketing & Consulting Services, International Business Development Center (IBDC) and Integrated Market Information Center (IMIC) by the Russian American Chamber of Commerce in the USA collaborate to offer you an opportunity to expand your market presence, find business partners, and form strategic alliances in the Russian Federation, the CIS countries, the Republic of Georgia and the Baltic States. Read more

Are you interested in a list of potential leads, business partners, buyers, manufactures and distributors but do not have the necessary contact information to achieve this?

The Chamber possesses a proprietary computerized business databank of Russian companies and individuals. Our information research service provides you with detailed contact profiles of the Russian companies and executives you are interested in. We will compile a list of target companies and include all of the appropriate contact information required by your company. Read more


Membership information

There are three levels of membership, each designed to offer benefits and opportunities appropriate to a different investment level. Companies should select the level of membership investment that coincides with their goals, based on what is offered at each level. Read more

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